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Have you moved over yet? Didn’t you get a house first?

Seems that agencies are a bit wary of renting a flat, sight unseen, to someone based out of another country.  You’d think I’m the first foreigner to ever move to the UK or something!

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All the hugs for you love *hugs*

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shhh sami shhh, you’ll find a lovely flat and you’ll be absolutely fine! if anything, you can always stay with me in Nottingham for a while ;)
Aww, thanks!  (I just might take you up on that if things fall through up here…  it’s amazing how hard it is getting a place to live!  Why can’t I just flash my money at them and have them give me flat?  I’m a low-risk young professional, ffs!)

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*hugs* All new things are scary. It’ll become home soon enough.
It will as soon as I HAVE a home!  I’ll be so much more relaxed once I’m actually sitting down in an actual flat, basically.  This is bloody nightmare-times!

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  1. brigwife said: we’re all very untrusting
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