I’m so stressed that all I want to do is sleep but I have like a million things to do and I AM SUPER TERRIFIED THAT I WILL NOT FIND A PLACE TO LIVE even though I do actually just have money to live and an immaculate credit rating.

  1. abluesuit said: *hugs*
  2. marathemara said: *hugs* All new things are scary. It’ll become home soon enough.
  3. gloomy-king said: shhh sami shhh, you’ll find a lovely flat and you’ll be absolutely fine! if anything, you can always stay with me in Nottingham for a while ;)
  4. m0drnmoonlight said: All the hugs for you love *hugs*
  5. brigwife said: Have you moved over yet? Didn’t you get a house first?
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