discocharliebrown replied to your post

I really, really, REALLY want you to present a children’s show.

goodmorningvelma replied to your post

I’m pretty sure we all want you to present a children’s show.

youre-standing-on-my-scarf replied to your post

I would want you to present any and all shows that you would enjoy presenting

hinoneko replied to your post

you would be the absolute cutest children’s show presenter of all time

haidakawaii replied to your post

I would watch it if you were presenting it! :D
asdfghjkl; they are never EVER going to hire me but I’d kind of actually love that job?  I’m now trying not to think too much about it, or I’ll be disappointed when it doesn’t go anywhere.  But OH MAN HOW MAD WOULD THAT BE THOUGH
  1. hinoneko said: if they don’t hire you i will fund my own children’s show for you to host. i have exactly twelve dollars
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