Apparently the BBC is looking for a new Blue Peter presenter.  So I just sent them an email.

What the fuck am I doing?

Nobody wants me to present a children’s show, for fuck’s sake.

  1. thecoffeenebula said: I think you’d be great at presenting a children’s show!! :D
  2. crankrabidbadger said: Look at it this way-if you want to get into the business, this would be a good way to do it. And since you’re moving to the UK and you have such a good speaking voice, I’d say, go for it.
  3. haidakawaii said: I would watch it if you were presenting it! :D
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  5. hinoneko said: you would be the absolute cutest children’s show presenter of all time
  6. youre-standing-on-my-scarf said: I would want you to present any and all shows that you would enjoy presenting
  7. goodmorningvelma said: I’m pretty sure we all want you to present a children’s show.
  8. discocharliebrown said: I really, really, REALLY want you to present a children’s show.
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