Decaffeination, wow!

I get a lot of questions (and by a lot, I mean maybe three) about whether or not any of my tea blends are caffeine-free.  This is a really good question, and one I’m finally adequately prepared to address.  Thus:

Yes, some of my tea blends are caffeine-free!

Zoe’s an herbal blend, and she’s basically the best herbal blend to ever exist EVER in the history of the universe.  Seriously.   She’s got loads of hibiscus and orange and peppermint and she’s fruity and refreshing and it’s one of my all-time favourite herbal flavour combos because IT IS SO GOOD OK

Sarah Jane Smith is also decaf.  She’s all lovely spice and lovely black tea and a bit sweet and a bit bold and a little quirky and altogether lovely.

K-9 says that this unit does not require caffeination, Mistress.  Instead, this blend combines a bit of rooibos with decaf black tea with the sparkling brilliance of bright orange and mango, and the creamy cuteness of vanilla.  Because I am a big dork and made a tea inspired by the best robot dog that ever there was.  BIG DORK.

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