Yeah, so my halloween tradition basically consists of getting dressed up in a costume and then going to the mall.  This time I picked up some plain layering shirts at H&M and a copy of Planet Of Giants on DVD because it was on sale and the guy at the video store was actually excited that I’m Sarah Jane Smith.

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    Gurl, you awesome!
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    Oh man, I think this is the best Halloween costume I’ve seen this year.
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  4. touchdownpossum said: AWESOME COSTUME, also your hair looks really fab.
  5. aromanticnagisa-archive said: perfection in human form right here
  6. fabricati-diem-pvnc said: Beautiful! Oh, and the cosplay is well done, too ;)
  7. ilwinsgarden said: Yeah. And you keep saying you’re shy, yeah… ::shrugs:: But the costume is awesome anyway. Hair included. That’s the fact.
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