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Every time a story is whisked away by the magical email angels to the inbox of an editor or judging panel or whatever, I’m gripped with sudden and momentary crippling terror.  Then it’s out there, out of my hands, a ball in someone else’s court, and now I can move on.  But I will say this: I will have lots of things to tell you kids out there about a rather dauntingly exciting project soon.  Moop!

Next task is just to produce something that will win me the Commonwealth Prize.  The Commonwealth Prize is not only kind of a big deal, but also like 4 months’ worth of income to live off of.

And… send.  *curls up in the foetal position and weeps with fear*

I’m torn between really wanting to lose some weight and shipping The Rest of This Chocolate Bar/My Mouth.


also, i don’t ship it, but if there’s not at least 15 porn fics revolving around “psychic link with the tardis, don’t think anything rude” i will be so disappointed in the doctor who fandom. that shit practically writes itself.

Signal boosting because that bit totally gave me flashbacks to that scene in The Time Monster and the possibilities amuse me just as much. You know the one.




Anonymous said: i'm rooting for you, i hope you write for doctor who someday. i'm also one of those people who were "excellent" in school but are in pretty shit career situations now. have you seen the post that goes "you can be anything you want. no not that." i think that post encapsulates my 20s, and i think i've been broken by this, beyond repair.

For reals, greyface.  I spent like the first 28 years of my life being told how brilliant I am and excelling at shit and then after having a really good job with loads of experience and mad skillz for years, I got to spend the better part of a year unemployed and now I’m a temp doing entry-level reception work and helping students who go to a university that’s ranked a fair bit higher than the one I went to.



being told i was smart and above average from a young age was probably one of the worst things to happen to me because now i have a complex and question my entire existence when i dont excel at something right away

Truer words were never spoken

Plus, it kind of comes as a major shock to the self-esteem when you discover that potential employers genuinely couldn’t care less if you went to genius school or were totally expected to be the next big thing in your academic field, because you still don’t have 3 years of corporate marketing experience or have never used that one piece of esoteric software they use to generate one kind of report. I’m genuinely not sure if it was a blessing or a curse being allowed to believe that I could follow my dreams and do something amazing.

Classic Who // New Who Parallels → Part 217

Am I the only person who now wants to meet Courtney?


Imagine adric in stupid deaths on horrible histories